Queue management system

H-Tech Automated Queue Management System

Queue Management System :
H-Tech Automated queue management system is a system that helps service provider to manage customer in efficient way. The system can ease the customer flow management which is useful for manager of the service provider. H-Tech queuing system that can analyze the queue status and take decision which customer to be served first. H-Tech Automated Queue Management system QMS can be applied in any teller business, such as in finance, telecommunications, electricity, hospitals, postal service, industry and commerce, taxation, car management, visa, insurance, social security center and other kinds of teller services industry.
Benefits of H-Tech Automated Queue Management System
• 1) Keep queues organized.
• 2) Enforce safer queuing.
• 3) Increase customer loyalty and retention rates.
• 4) Improve staff efficiencies to up sales and profitability.
• 5) Optimize costs.


• 10.1 Touch Screen,1.92Ghz
• Wireless connectivity
• 1920 X 1200 Resolution, 4GB RAM
• Steel Cabinet,Metal paint,Antimagnetic,antistatic,Full steel streamlined.
• Power:110-240V 50Hz/60Hz
• industrial control is axial flow fan,no noise,circulation cooling
• Temperature: +5*C~+35*C Humidity:40% ~ 80%
• 80mm Ticket printer