Metal Walk through Gates

Hotsol is the most the renowned supplier and installer of the Walk through Metal Gates as we provide Garrett’s Walk through Gates; the world’s leading brand of Metal Detectors.
Walk through Metal Detectors are the ideal solution for areas that are crowded and have frequent individuals entering and exiting the premises; such as Malls, Commercial Areas, Educational Institutes, Cinemas and Parks etc.
But why are these Gates known to be the ideal solution?
Using other security and surveillance methods are not enough to secure your premises, for instance a CCTV Camera would not be able to detect what an individual is hiding, and a handheld Metal Detector would consume a lot of time making a chaos in the crowd, while checking by security guards would also be time taking and not reliable as well. Now this is where Garrett Walk through Metal Detectors come in! These are simplest Security Tool yet the safest, all one needs to do is to pass the personnel through it and it would detect any sort of Metal hidden anywhere inside the personnel and would aware you by beeping. Yes, it is that simple!
Garrett Walk through Metal Detectors come in two Criterions:
• Single Zone Detection
• Multi Zone Detection
Single Zone Detection detects Metal hidden anywhere inside the individual, however it does not specify the location of where the object is hidden.
While in Comparison, Multi Zone Detection lets us know the area of the object, no matter on how many layers is it covered in!
Do Walk through Metal Gates work as Explosive Detector?
It is widely misunderstood that Walk through Metal Detectors are able to detect hazardous and explosive chemical or other objects, however, as the name says, these Gates work like Metal Detectors only, which detect Metals of any sort.