Fire Alarm System

In today’s world where human resources are being replaced by machines and equipment and the scientific researches are getting more and more aggressive, thus there is an unfortunate likelihood in these and many other cases for a hazardous accident to happen. More likely catching a fire is a common circumstance where damage of properties and loss of lives are at its worst.
In the aim of saving lives and avoiding damage from fire hazards, Hotsol provides the best and the most reliable Fire Alarm Systems. The Fire Alarms Systems are comprised of sensitive detectors which can detect smoke even before the fire spreads around and warns with the fire alarm bell. The system is not limited to awareness and warnings but we also have fire extinguishing solutions. Our range of products also consists of Electric sounder and beacon.

But Why Hotsol ?

Since Hotsol is Pakistan’s major Importer Fire Alarm solution provider, thus we offer best guaranteed price throughout the country. We can assure you that no one can beat us on the prices!

Additionally, we have very good portfolio of clientele who are completely satisfied with our products and services and we are proud to say that Hotsol Enterprises has provided in every sector of the industries, be it Educational institutes, Hospitals, financial sectors, Factories and Aviation etc.

But above all, the best factor about Hotsol is that we also offer support service to our customers after the installation of the devices!