CCTV Security Camera

For the supervision and surveillance of your area that too both externally and internally, Closed-circuit television Cameras also commonly known as CCTV Cameras are the best security solutions. As the CCTV cameras are becoming necessity today, thus many companies are providing the product but Hotsol Enterprises is proud to say that we are one of the most recommended suppliers and installers of CCTV Cameras.
CCTV Cameras are the ideal solution to have a complete watch of your premises to avoid any burglary occurring. Thus banks and financial sectors are our major customers for CCTV Cameras.
However the use of these cameras is not only restricted for security solutions purposes, they can actually be ideal to use for observing your employees’ performances. You can keep strict check over them without standing on their heads. It is your wish either you want to keep your cameras to be hidden or exposed. Thus this can lead to the increase in the efficiency of your employees which will eventually increase your company’s productivity.
Nowadays, CCTV cameras are not only used in commercial areas, as the matter of fact the Local Authorities and Police Forces prefer using and they also recommend the installation of these cameras as the major means of crime prevention. Be it residence, schools, malls, airports, offices, banks or parks, your security measures are incomplete without them.
Hotsol is the Sole Distributor of the famous Brand HIKVISION ON CCTV Camera in the country and with this benefit we can supply you the product with guaranty and best range of price.
The Cameras provides High Quality images and recordings with the feature that lets you supervise your area through your Smart phones from anywhere. The cameras come in various types and features like with AHD Display Output and Day/Night Vision ability.