In this fast growing technological phase, does your company still using traditional attendance system?
Hotsol Enterprises is offering you the latest Time Attendance System that uses Cloud & Finger Print to keep track of your employee.
The devices use RFID and Finger Print Technology to make it more advanced and innovative. It is very easy to enter and exit and no hectic at all.
Now maintaining time attendance record is not a difficulty at all. Just a ENTER, and easy report generated by time attendance software, Over time, late coming, early leaving, work per hour etc just on single ENTER.
Benefits of Biometric Time Attendance System:
There are multiple benefits of installing Biometric Time Attendance System at your workplace; some of them have been already discussed.
1. Time Attendance System saves your time & money
It replaces cumbersome time tracking procedures and completely eliminates manual collection of payroll information.
2. Organize Employee Data
Time Attendance Solution helps you in collecting & organizing employee data timely & accurately. Easier Time Tracking with Biometric Time Attendance System
3. Time Attendance system helps you in tracking your employee time easily & efficiently
4. Manages your Employee
RFID & Biometric Attendance solutions help you in managing your Employee.
5. No Proxy
The biggest benefit of Time Attendance System is that it improve the bottom line, and eliminates buddy punching & Proxies.